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CyberMatrix Pro Schedule is an easy to use Windows appointment planning calendar. Pro Schedule is ideal for people that frequently schedule appointments.

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F.A.Q. for Pro Schedule - Appointment Scheduling Calendar Software

Q. Why are all our appointments red?

A. You've turned on the simple payment feature. If you go to the General tab of the Options Screen and set it back to advanced, the colors will return to normal.

Q. Why are days missing from the Week At A Glance view?

A. You have not set your schedule days correctly. Highlight all the days you want to view in the Schedule tab of the Configuration screen.

Q. My appointments are showing the wrong color. How can I correct this?

A. Usually this means that you have set the "Show current time" or "Show current items options". If so turn them off.

Q. How can I create a client mailing list from Pro Schedule?

A. You could write a SQL query in the Data Manager, open it in the Data Manager and then extract the query data to a CSV file. This file could then be imported into a mailing list program.

Q. How can I use Pro Schedule for sending appointment text reminders to my patients?

A. you just set their email to their cell / email gateway. E.g.

You can find more information at the follwoing blog post : How To Send Texts by Email (

Q. How can I see the day name in the People at a glance view?

A. Change your short date format in the Windows Regional Settings control panel. On Windows XP it is in the Regional and Language Options control panel. (Start | Control panel | Regional and Language Options | Customize | Date) Instead of using dd use ddd. eg. MM/ddd/yyyy

Q. Suddenly we started getting the following message: " Your schedule end date is earlier than today" What does this mean?

A. In your configuration screen, in the Date/Time tab, what is the Schedule end date? It is probably earlier than today. Unset the Default end Date option and then set the Schedule end date setting to a date in the future like five years from now.

Q. Pro Schedule used to work just fine but now I don't see any of the appointments nor the people. The only thing that is listed under the Person drop down is "Find Available". What could be wrong?

A. Possibly you have selected a Category filter on this one machine that is not "All" or blank and this category has no people associated with it.

Q. Why doesn't auto-fill work? Whenever I try to type in a client name when adding an appointment it won't let me as it tries to fill it in with an old client.


The auto-fill is working just as it was intended to. You can press the Delete key to remove the auto-filled text you don't need.
Q. How many people would Pro Schedule allow you to schedule appointments for?

A. The number of people and clients are limited only by your file system. NTFS allows data files of only 4 GB. So assuming a person record is 100 KB you could have about 42,000 person records in Windows XP.

Q. If a person out in the field uses Pro Schedule to update their appointments how can these changes be applied to the shared data?

A. If the person out in the field has Internet access you could use either the Web edition or the Client/Server edition to remotely access the schedule.

Q. What is the best way to "change" a group name without deleting appointments?

A. Change the group name in the Configuration screen. Then in the Data Manager do a search and replace on the Person field of the Appointments table.

Q. How can I make Pro Schedule run faster?

A. You can try the following:
1. If you have the Standard edition, install the program on every user's machine and point to only the data on a shared network location instead of merely using a short-cut to a network install.
2. If using the Standard edition with multiple installs make sure the Data Location setting is identical on all installs by using mapped drives or UNC paths. See the following video tutorial for an example: Sharing file server application data with multiple users (
3. Frequently archive old appointments using the Data Manager.
4. Set a default end date to a closer date, for example one year from today.
5. If you use the Auto Refresh feature, set it higher, e.g. 300 (5 minutes).
6. For non-enterprise editions, turn off anti-virus software, or configure it to NOT scan *.EDB* files (.DAT, .IDX, .BLB files on older versions) (or simply your database folder).
7. Use a wired network instead of wireless which is much slower.
8. For non-enterprise editions, upgrade to v7 which uses a more efficient database engine.
9. If you have the Standard edition consider upgrading to the Client/Server edition.
10. If you use the Enterprise edition ask your DBA to optimize indexes for best performance.

See also: Database/Multi-user Software F.A.Q.

Q. How can I change the name in the appointments Booked By field?

A. Administrators can change this field right from the Edit Booking screen. Otherwise you can change this field using the Data Manager screen. In Data Manager choose the Appointments radio button on the left. In the grid on the right navigate down to the record you want to change. Tap the Tab key until you get to the LoginID field. Click once to get into edit mode. Make your changes and click on another record to save the changes to that record.

A2. Your machine login is used for the Booked By field. To change the default value you would need to change your machine login.

Q. I want to move our Pro Schedule data to a new machine. How do I do this?

A. Find the Pro Schedule Data folder. This is the folder containing the .Dat and .Idx files. Copy this folder to the new location. Open Pro Schedule and change the data path setting in the configuration screen to the new path.

Q. When I enter a name in the "Client" field, why does Pro Schedule put in the name already in the list of clients and not let me save the record to a new first name, same last name as existing client?

A. That's the text completion feature. Just keep typing and delete any remaining highlighted text.

Q. When I edit a single appointment of a recurring event and press cancel that appointment is deleted.

A. This is the way editing single appointments works. What you are actually doing when editing an appointment in a recurring event is deleting that appointment and then adding a new appointment in that same slot. If you cancel you are cancelling the Add not the Edit.

Q. When I add or edit an appointment why are there no clients in the client pull-down list?

A. Either no clients are set active or you have set the Limit To Assigned Clients option but do not have any people assigned to any clients. You should turn off this option.

Q. Can I sync appointments with my Blackberry?

A. Pro Schedule currently does not have Blackberry support.

Q. Can I sync appointments with my iPhone?

A. Pro Schedule currently does not support the iPhone.

Q. Can I setup Pro Schedule so that each person can only see their own appointments but an administrator can see all appointments?

A. Yes. You must enable security and the Limit Booking Viewings to Self option in the Options screen. Next setup a login ID for each person in the Security table using the Data Manager. Then assign each person to their own login ID in the People table.

F.A.Q. for Pro Schedule Web - Web-based Appointment Calendar

Q. I changed the terms but they are not showing up in the schedule. Why is this?

A. In the Web edition terms are only used in dynamic text. You can edit the HTML templates to reflect your terms though.

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Thank you very much for your prompt response. Let me confess I have never received such a great support (not even from companies like microsoft, Sage or Intuit, whose products I use).

Mario Roldan

Your technical support is the best I have ever had. Your responses are always fast, accurate and friendly.

Christopher Russell, GLACO Systems Manager

ProSchedule is probably the easiest system to implement into your current environment. If you are looking for an appointment scheduling tool then I would have zero hesitation in recommending this product for that purpose...

Christopher Russell, GLACO Systems Manager

...The sales staff returned emails promptly and were fantastic in answering my questions. Support staff couldn't be better, I've had a number of questions since installing the full version of PS and all my questions were answered within the day, and I live on the other side of the planet. If I had 3 thumbs, I'd give Pro Schedule a 3 thumbs up! Top job.

Rusty O'Leary, Mountain States Chemical Depedency

I've been using ProSchedule since 1998. It remains one of the best investments and business decisions I've made. It seems the few problems we've had are always the result of a user not following instructions.