Database Updates for Existing Pro Schedule Users

Version 7 of Pro schedule requires major updates to the database files. Once upgraded you will not be able to use any new Pro schedule data with older versions. Therefore, it is strongly recommended you backup your existing data before installing.

For enterprise editions, you can examine the SQL scripts for your database server to determine which modifications to make. In the program folder you will find a script for the recent updates to MySQL and MS SQL.

The steps to upgrade your non-Enterprise data are outlined below. However, the updates cannot be performed if anyone else is using the program. Before running this version, ensure no one else is running the application on your network.

Steps to upgrade data from older version (version 6 and below) to version 7

1) download the DB conversion software from

2) unzip this file into your old data folder. For Pro Schedule Standard the data is stored by default in the user Application Data\CyberMatrix\Pro Schedule folder. E.g. C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\CyberMatrix\Pro Schedule.

3) run DBISAM2EDB.exe (for multi-user installs you should run this file from one of the client machines so a network database path is stored instead of a local path)

4) click the Upgrade Database button.

5) when the update is finished close down the conversion software.

6) install the software.

Alternatively you could just start over fresh and export any old data you want to keep in CSV format. Then upgrade to v7 and import the CSV files into v7.

Upgrading to a newer version of Pro schedule V7

The easiest way to upgrade Pro Schedule and continue using your old data is to simply install over the old version. Be sure to backup your data first as a precaution. If you want to use your old data in a new folder, you have two choices. Either copy over your entire old data folder to the new folder and then point the software to use this new folder or install data in a new folder and then copy over the database files.

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Christopher Russell, GLACO Systems Manager

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