A Tutorial on Trying Out CyberMatrix Software

This tutorial will show you how to download and setup CyberMatrix software. We will use Pro Schedule, our most popular software in the tutorial but the procedures for other software is almost identical.

Downloading the software

At the very top of every web page on the CyberMatrix site is a link called Downloads. Click on this link to get to the main download page. The download page contains links to the download pages of all our software. Click on the title of the software you wish to download. Click on the link in the middle of the page not at the left side of the page. You should now be on the software's download page. This page will list every related download for this product. This may include different versions. support utilities and manuals. Pro Schedule for example, has three different versions (Standard, Client/Server and Web), a PalmOS conduit and a manual. Under each downloadable item is a link that says Click to Download. Since we want to try out Pro Schedule Standard we will click on that link. A screen like the following will appear:

download prompt

Click the Save button to save the setup file onto your computer. A save dialog will pop up:

download save

Choose the folder you wish to save the setup file to and press the Save button. You should make a note of where the file is saved as well as the name of the file in case you need to find this file again later. In Internet Explorer you can just click on the pull-down list at the top to see where the file will be saved.

download save folder

After pressing the Save button the File Download dialog will appear:

download saving

After the file is downloaded onto your computer another dialog may pop up asking if you would like to run the program. If not you will have to find the file using Windows Explorer and double click it to start the installation process. When you do this the setup wizard will start:

download setup

Press the Next button. The License Agreement window will appear:

download license

Read the license agreement, select the I accept the agreement button and press Next. The Information screen will appear:

download readme

This screen contains important information about the software. You should carefully read all of it before continuing the install process. When you are finished press Next. Now the Installation Options screen will appear:

download options

If you will only be installing the software on a single machine and you do not care where the data will be installed just leave Standard installation selected and press Next. Otherwise you should first select the Data only installation option. Regardless of which install type you choose, when you press Next the Select Destination Location screen will appear:

download destination

If you chose Standard installation at the previous screen this location will be where the Pro Schedule software will be installed. If you chose the Data only installation option this will be where the program data will be placed. If you are upgrading from a previous version you should make sure this folder is the same data folder used for the old version. If you do not like the default location give choose another and press Next. For the Standard and Client only installation the next screen will be the Select Start Menu Folder screen:

download start menu

The Data Only install will not show this screen. If you are OK with the Start Menu folder name press Next. The Read to Install screen gives you one last chance to back out before the installation begins. Pressing install brings you to the final screen:

download done

The Standard or Client only installations will show a Launch check box that if checked will start the software. Press Finish to end the installation process. For multi-user installations you will need to run the setup file from each of the client machines, choosing the Client only installation for each one.