Re-indexing Database Tables to Fix Data Corruption

Over time, one of your tables may become corrupted. This is not as bad as it sounds. When a table becomes corrupted, it just means that it requires re-indexing before it can be properly used again.

You will know one of your tables is corrupt if you see an error message like this:

ElevateDB Error #601 The table Users is corrupt

If you are using an older product you might see a message like this:

DBISAM Engine Error #9217 Error reading From Data File C:\Users\Public\Documents\CyberMatrix\Cyber App\data\ATable.dat

All non-enterprise CyberMatrix business programs use a local database to store their data. Corruption can happen in any local database when a system is shut down abnormally. For this reason you should never shut down or restart a Windows machine without doing a proper Windows shutdown first (i.e., choosing Shut Down from the Start menu.) Newer versions of our software will attempt to re-index (repair) tables automatically if all users close the software and a single person restarts it. To re-index the table manually, first close down all instances of the software except one. Then select the problem table in the Detail tab of the Data Manager screen and then choose File | Re-index table (or File | Repair table).

There is a Flash demo available that shows how to do a backup and repair. Click here to view it.

Last Resort

If after trying all these solutions you still have problems, you can zip up the data files and e-mail them to CyberMatrix. We'll repair them and send them back.