Accessing Your Schedule on Your Phone For Free

Many people love the simplicity of our scheduling software, Pro Schedule for scheduling appointments and Meeting Manager for scheduling meeting rooms or resources. The Windows editions of this software is easy for just about anyone to install and use. The problem is that more and more people need to access schedule information on their phone when out of the office.

Our Web editions: Pro Schedule Web and Meeting Manager Web can be accessed from a phone’s web browser but these applications can be tricky to setup and maintain for smaller organizations without an in house IT department. A very affordable alternative is to use the HTML calendar export feature.

Often organizations have just one person managing a schedule for appointments or rooms and resources. Many other people however, need to view this schedule but don’t need to add to or modify the schedule. A very affordable solution for this scenario is to use the HTML calendar export feature.

The first step required is to have a website setup where you can easily manage web pages or posts. One extremely popular and easy to use website management system is WordPress. Once you have WordPress setup on your site you can create a special page where you will maintain your schedule.

From Pro Schedule or Meeting Manager view the schedule you want to share and choose View | Schedule HTML Report from the main menu. This will create a web page version of your schedule. Save this file somewhere and you will then be asked if you want to open it. Say yes and the schedule will appear in your browser. Press Ctrl+A to select the entire schedule and then Ctrl+C to copy it. Go back to your WordPress page and press Ctrl+V to paste the schedule. Save it. Now you have a web page with the current schedule your people on the road can easily view on their phone or workstation without requiring expensive software licenses.

Accessing Your Schedule on Your Phone For Free
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Accessing Your Schedule on Your Phone For Free
Shows how to access a static schedule on any device using the HTML schedule export feature of Pro Schedule and Meeting Manager.
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