CyberMatrix Calendar Software New Year Problem

On January 2, 2015 we heard from several calendar software (Pro Schedule and Meeting Manager) customers with the same problem. When trying to add a new appointment or booking they saw an error message stating that “Your schedule end date is earlier than today. Would you like to change it to one year in the future?”. On choosing Yes, another error could appear saying something like: “The new booking end date will cause double bookings due to the booking with ID 31245”.

This is an annoying situation but unfortunately it is a side-effect of how the scheduler was originally designed. Fortunately, the situation is easy to resolve. The solution involves temporarily allowing double bookings, updating the End Date to five or ten years in the future and then again disallowing double bookings. Here are the exact steps:

  1. From the main menu choose Tools | Options.
  2. For Pro Schedule choose Schedule for Meeting Manager stay on General.
  3. Make sure the Allow Double Booking is checked.
  4. Choose the Date/Time tab.
  5. Ensure Default End Date is unchecked.
  6. Click the year in Booking End Date.
  7. Enter either 2025 or 2030.
  8. Press OK.
  9. Go back to the Options Screen and uncheck the Allow Double Booking box.
  10. Press OK to save.

That will solve the problem for another five or ten years. But the same thing will happen when the next Booking End Date is reached. This is why we are now recommending changing the End Date setting to five or 10 years into the future instead of one year into the future. In the past, we recommended one year because this would give the software better overall performance. At this point though, the scheduler has been optimized so that any performance benefit of a one year end date will hardly be noticeable.

The problem with this solution is that all recurring events having the current End Date will be changed to have the new End Date. This may cause double booking of appointments at some time in the future.

To minimize these problems we released updates on Feb 2015 so our software no longer has this particular error message. However, adding any recurring bookings with an End Date in the past will still result in an error that prevents saving the booking until the End Date is changed. We apologize for this annoyance and want to assure all customers that the upcoming Event Scheduler software will use an unreachable End Date (100 years in the future) to deal with this problem.


CyberMatrix Calendar Software New Year Problem
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CyberMatrix Calendar Software New Year Problem
Explains the new year schedule end date problem affecting our Pro Schedule and Meeting manager software and how to work around it.
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