How to Get Great Customer Support

At some time or other we all need customer support. There are a few simple things you can do to ensure you get the best support you can.

Try to Solve the Problem Yourself


Sometimes support personnel are overworked. They also often deal with the same problems over and over again. It can be unpleasant to have to continually respond to issues that customers could easily handle themselves by reading the help documentation. All CyberMatrix software comes with context sensitive help that is available by pressing the F1 key. There are manuals available online and printable versions for download. We even have YouTube videos and Flash demos that run through the main features of each product.

Solving problems yourself can end up saving you time. If you take a little effort to learn how to use the software better, in the future when similar problems arise you will be able to deal with them a lot faster.

Be Nice

It sounds silly but many people don’t seem to realize that the support they are getting is from a real live human being, a person with feelings. If you treat that person badly it’s just human nature that you’re probably not going to get the best help from them. Put yourself in their shoes. If you are trying to help someone and they yell at you and treat you like you are incompetent, will you be going out of your way to help them? Chances are you will either get flustered and not think clearly or you may even consciously or unconsciously strike back by withholding information to get even. Either way you’re not giving the best support you could.

Provide Details

Providing support can be extremely difficult. Very complex problems can take a long time to track down. If you can provide the support person with all the relevant information you can, this can reduce the time involved considerably. Imagine you were a mechanic. A customer comes in and says “There’s a problem with my car. Fix it now!” and then walks away. Testing every possible problem that could affect the car could take weeks. If the customer simply said instead “I hear a screeching noise whenever I turn left.” the mechanic could probably fix the problem in a few hours.

Remote Support

If all else fails remote support can be a godsend for certain issues. Remote support involves installing special software that allows a support person to take control over your computer while you watch them. There are many different remote support applications but possibly the easiest to use is a product called Skype. To allow remote control of your computer using Skype, first install the Skype software. Phone or email us to ensure our Skype software is ready. Then initiate a Skype call to us and press the “+” button. From the menu that appears, choose the Share Screens feature so we can access your PC and help with the problem.

So to summarize there are several tips to get the best customer service you can. Give as much relevant information to the support person as you can. Be courteous – treat others the way you’d like to be treated. Try to solve the problem yourself by looking into the available help resources. With just a little effort you can get better support and save your company time and money.

How to Get Great Customer Support
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How to Get Great Customer Support
Explains how you can get the best technical support in the shortest time.
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