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How to Re-Index a Corrupt Database Table

corrupt databaseFor everyday computer users it can be quite unsettling to see an arcane message like this one pop up:

ElevateDB Error #601 The table Users is corrupt

Most CyberMatrix software uses a local database to store their data. Local databases are the easiest to work with but are more likely to have maintenance issues such as database corruption. Database corruption sounds more scary that it really is. When a table gets corrupt it usually just means that the indexes have become damaged and must be re-built. Indexes are ways to find or categorize your data, not your data itself.

All CyberMatrix non-Enterprise and non-Web database applications have a feature to re-index any table used in the software. This feature is found in the Data Manager. You access the Data Manager by choosing Tools | Data Manager from the main menu.

To re-index a table, first make sure no one else but you has the software running. Then select the problem table in the Detail tab of the Data Manager. The Detail tab has a list of tables on the left side of the screen. Usually the problem is with the Users table which is near the bottom. Next simply choose File | Re-index table from the menu. Wait for the operation to complete. You should see a message when it’s finished. That’s all there is to it.

How to Re-Index a Corrupt Database Table
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How to Re-Index a Corrupt Database Table
Explains how to repair or re-index corrupt database files used in CyberMatrix software.
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