How To Register Cybermatrix Software

SoftwareSome new CyberMatrix customers find the process of registering the software they have just installed to be a bit confusing. This article should clear up any confusions.

Why Register Software?

Registering software is a way to tell the software that it has been purchased legitimately. Many smaller software companies have a single download for their software. When you download and install this software it is either missing some features or stops working after a certain number of days. After purchasing the software, a registration code is sent to the customer that will unlock the software.

At CyberMatrix we found the above method resulted in too much software piracy. The method we use is to have a separate download of the full software and provide the customer a registration key that registers the software.

How To Register CyberMatrix Software

After purchasing a license to use a CyberMatrix software application you will be emailed download instructions on how to obtain the full software. Attached to this e-mail you will also find a registration key file. You should not try to execute, open or rename the registration file. You can save this file anywhere, such as your desktop, and import it using the software. To do this start the software and choose File | Open Registration Key File from the main menu. Navigate to the folder you saved the key file, click this key file and then click the Open button.

At this point to software will be registered to your company.  When you next start the program the splash screen and the About box should show your company name and the splash screen should not say Unregistered.

If you are having trouble getting the software to register you can try working through the following video.

How To Register Cybermatrix Software
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How To Register Cybermatrix Software
Explains how to register CyberMatrix software.
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