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clipboard magic main screen

Common Problems with Clipboard Magic

clipboard magic main screenOur Clipboard Magic software is quite popular not only because it’s free but because it can save people a lot of time if they frequently copy and paste plain text. There are a few problems that can make using it somewhat frustrating. The following are some common problems:

Duplicated Clips

Sometimes when text is copied in certain applications you will find that the clip is duplicated in Clipboard Magic. These applications contain a bug where they send updates several times to the Windows clipboard. You can minimize this behavior by setting the Ignore Duplicates option.

“Unable to Open Clipboard” Error

Sometimes when using Clipboard Magic you will encounter the error “Unable to Open Clipboard”. What this error means is that another application is interfering with the clipboard in some way. You’ll have to experiment by closing down other applications until you can find the one causing the problem and report this bug to the company that makes it.

Copying Formatted Text Loses Format

When text from a formatted document like Rich Text or HTML is copied into Clipboard Magic all the formatting will be lost.  This happens because Clipboard Magic currently works only with plain text. Any special formatting will be lost when copying.

Copied Text Doesn’t Show in Clip List

Sometimes when copying text, the text will not show up in the Clipboard Magic clip list. First verify that the tray icon does not have an X on it. If it has an X, Clipboard Magic is no longer archiving copied text. You must turn off the Suspend Clipboard Archiving option in order to archive text. If the software is archiving text, possibly you’re not really copying text. Clipboard Magic currently only handles text formats, what you are copying possibly is not really text. For example, if you have a text document open and you press the [Print Scrn] button, what is actually copied is a bitmap image, which Clipboard Magic currently can’t handle.

“Unable to assign hot key” Error

Sometimes after installing Clipboard Magic some people will see the error “Unable to assign hot key”. What is probably happening is that another program you have running probably is already using the offending hotkey. In the Options screen, change the problem hot key to a different key.