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Employee Project Clock login dialog

Using a Biometric Fingerprint Scanner with Employee Project Clock

Employee Project Clock login dialogOur Employee Project Clock software allows you to use a DigitalPersona U.are.U biometric fingerprint reader to quickly and securely log in employees and track their time.

Fingerprint Reader Optional

Note that using the fingerprint reader is entirely optional. Employee Project Clock will continue to work just fine as it always has without a fingerprint scanner.

How To Use A Fingerprint Reader

There are two ways a fingerprint reader can be used with Employee Project Clock:

  • To securely login.
  • To securely and quickly punch in and out.

Each options has it benefits and disadvantages.

The fastest and most secure method is use the “Fingerprint punch only” option. In this way each employee needs to only to scan their finger to punch in or punch out. It is very secure. No one else can punch in for another employee. The disadvantage is that no projects or tasks can be assigned to the tracked time.

The second option is to only use the fingerprint reader to login. This is the default option and will be in play if the “Fingerprint punch only” option is not set. As implied above, the advantage of this option is that employees can still assign projects and tasks to their tracked time.