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How to Automatically Schedule Many One On One Sessions with CyberMatrix Class Scheduler

schedule meetingWe are often asked if we have a scheduling product to schedule many one on one meetings. We don’t have a product that performs this action exclusively. However, our Class Scheduler software can be used to accomplish this.

To auto schedule one on one pairings, first designate one group to be the instructors and the other to be students. The sessions will be classes in Class Scheduler. Enter the instructors in the Instructors table and the students in the Students table using the Data Manager. Then setup the student/instructor availability records in the Availability table. Also enter at least one class type in the ClassTypes table. Enter at least one room. Each room must have the capacity of 1. Now you have to setup all the classes. You can create all the classes or sessions manually but it is much easier to use the Auto Schedule by Requirements feature.

To use the Auto Schedule by Requirements feature first populate the Requirements table in the Data Manager but leave the Instructor field blank. When the requirements have been entered return to the main screen and choose Tools | Auto Schedule by Requirements from the main menu. After this step completes all your classes should have been created.

To create the one on one pairings you can either auto-schedule each student one by one using the Auto Schedule Student feature or auto-schedule them all at once using the Auto Schedule Students In Bulk feature.

To auto-schedule each student one by one choose Tools | Auto Schedule Student from the main menu. In the Class Selector screen that appears select one or more students and move the class they require from the Available Classes list to the Desired Class list. Then press the OK button to create the list of possible schedules. Select one of these schedules and press OK to create the schedule. Repeat this process for the remaining students.

To auto-schedule all students at once first you must create a CSV file with all the students and the desired class types they want. The CSV file should consist of comma separated values starting with the student ID and then the list of  types that the student wants. Here is an example CSV file:


Then choose File | Auto Schedule Students In Bulk from the main menu. At the prompt use the CSV file you just created.

To find out more about CyberMatrix Class Scheduler visit cybermatrix.com.