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How To Send Texts by Email

TextingBy using the email gateway all text messaging providers have, you can send texts with any software that sends emails.

We occasionally get questions from customers asking if our software can send text messages as well as emails. Currently none of our software can send text messages directly. However, text messages can be sent via e-mail gateways. Pretty much every SMS carrier offers an email to text message gateway. This allows you to send a text message to anyone by using a simple email.

The process is simple. First you must find the domain each text provider uses. PCMag has a fairly comprehensive list. Most carriers use the following format: 10-digit cell phone number @ followed by the host domain. So for T-Mobile you’d use 3335551111@tmomail.net.

Then to send text messages to people instead of emails, enter their carrier gateway email address instead of their regular email address.

This email to SMS technique can be used in the following email-enabled CyberMatrix software: