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Moving From a Single Install to a Multi Install

software installerWhen a company expands, one of the things they often have to do is add more software licenses. A common question we get from such customers is how to move from a single install to share data with multiple users.

Very few CyberMatrix customers have a single license of our Web, Client/Server or Enterprise editions. If you do though, adding more licenses is very simple. With the Web editions all you need to do is install the new registration key file and explain to the new users how to access the software from their web browser. Similarly, for the Client/Server and Enterprise editions you must import the new key file and then simply install the software on the new machines. For the Standard editions and Project Clock Pro things get a bit more complicated.

With the Standard editions, the data will usually reside in a common folder on the machine it is installed on. By default this folder is inside the public documents folder. So with Pro Schedule Standard for example, the folder will be C:\Users\Public\Documents\CyberMatrix\ProSchedule. This is fine for single user installs. For multi-user installs it’s best to move the data folder somewhere else. This is because with the Standard editions, each computer must be able to access the exact named folder. If you have a common network drive such as G: which everyone can access you could move the data folder there. For example, G:\Data\ProSchedule.

If you don’t already have a common network drive you can map to one on everyone’s machine. Even simpler is to simply create a shared folder. To do this first create a folder on one machine. For example C:\Public\Data\CyberMatrix. Right click on the folder and choose Properties. Then click the Sharing tab. Click the Share button and in the dialog add all the users that will use the software. Click Share. Notice the Network Path under the folder icon. It will look something like this: \\PC1\Public\Data\CyberMatrix. This is called a UNC path. The important thing about such a path is that every machine on your network can access your shared folder with the exact same UNC path. Click Close. Now you have a shared folder.

Start up the software. If you moved the data folder you will see a dialog that says the data folder cannot be found. Click the folder icon to the left of the old data path. This will bring up a folder navigation dialog where you can navigate to the shared data folder you setup before. It’s extremely important that you select or type in the UNC path talked about earlier. This is because each user must have precisely the same data path setting. Press OK twice and if everything was entered correctly, the software will now be using the new shared data folder.

If you copied the data folder to the shared location instead of moving it you will have to change the data folder setting in the options screen. From the main window of the software choose Tools | Options from the menu. In the Options screen click the Data tab. Click the folder icon next to the Data Location setting and choose the new shared data folder. Press OK twice to save.

The next step is to import the new registration key file and and install the software on all the other new machines. During the install process remember to choose the Client Only installation option and select the shared data folder you had setup earlier. That’s all there is to it. You can check that everything is setup properly by adding some data and verifying on all the other machines that they can see that new data.