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Difference Between a Desktop Application and a Service Application

network serverAll CyberMatrix web applications require a web server application running at all times. Similarly, all CyberMatrix client/server applications require a database server application running at all times. Many customers are confused as to why we offer a separate service form of both these server applications.

The Difference Between Service and Desktop Applications

The main difference between a service application and a desktop application is that a service can be always running on your server machine even if there is no one logged in. A desktop application on the other hand requires someone to be logged in in order to run the software. Having a machine logged in at all times can represent a serious security hazard for any company. Anyone passing by a logged in machine can do anything they like on that machine including access any data.

Also, service applications can be configured to start automatically when the server machine is rebooted. So for example, suppose you lose power. When the power comes back your server machine restarts. Because the database or web server is a service, it will be automatically running despite the fact that no one is logged into the server machine or had to manually start the server software.